5 Reasons Headphones Will Help You Go Pro In Esports

Jordan Silver

5 Reasons Headphones will help you go pro in gaming

Most modern film enthusiasts have an expensive surround sound system as an integral part of their entertainment set up in their homes. Likewise, any avid gaming enthusiast will invest in an ideal speaker or headset to enjoy their favorite games to the fullest. A growing number of gamers are leading the trend for a better experience by adding a high-quality and high-fidelity gaming headphones to their set up.

The critical question is, does acquiring headphones help you become a better gamer?

The short answer...They do and here's why:

Better Gaming Performance

1. Better Gaming Performance

A high-quality gaming headset can help you improve your overall gaming skills. The ability to hear all interactions and movements clearly boosts your auditory and verbal senses. This gives you improved reaction time while gaming under the most stressful of situations. Also, when your teammate warns you of an enemy, or you hear an enemy coming, you can easily alert your teammate and prepare for the encounter.

Using such tools to your own advantage can boost your gaming performance and make you a better gamer immediately.

Block Out The Noise

2. Block External Noise and Distractions

There’s nothing more annoying while gaming when all of a sudden you hear noise from a nearby TV or people talking loudly in the background. No matter how much you try and tune this out, there is a good chance you will get distracted.

Most gaming headphones are equipped with an effective noise-canceling tech that utilizes tiny microphones that listen to the external noise. These sounds are then analyzed by microchips embedded to the gaming headset. Then, a counter signal is created to cancel out that noise. The ability to block all external noises helps a gamer to focus on the game, think faster, and react appropriately to different situations presented in the game.

Better Sound Quality

3. Better Sound Quality

Gaming headphones offer superior, crisp, and clear sound compared to traditional speakers. You need this tool if you want to be at the top of every game you choose. Headsets deliver accurate highs and deep, rich bass. This doesn’t mean that the sound produced by speakers isn’t good, but the specific sound delivered to your ears by a carefully chose headset is simply amazing.

Today’s computer games demand precise and accurate movements, and most of them depend on audio queues throughout the game. Gaming headphones offer you a better opportunity to react to your enemy’s moves. The ability to react fast to sound queues such as gunfire and footsteps, your opponents will never know when you intend to strike.

In addition to quality stereo sound, some gaming headphones provide surround sound functionality, creating a hyper-realistic auditory experience that lets you hear sound from various angles. If you prefer action games or first-person shooter games, gaming headphones with surround sound functionality will be an indispensable piece in your arsenal.

Limit Distractions

4. Limit Distractions

Using a gaming headset not only benefits you, but also benefits everyone around you. It offers you more privacy while giving others in your house their own space. That means you won’t be bothering anyone around you. Using speakers could bother your roommate or family, especially at night, when they are trying to sleep.  Keep everyone Happy!

Effective Team Communication

5. Effective Team Communication

Nearly all gaming headphones come with a built in microphone that lets you communicate with your gaming teammates. This is essential for any team-based game such as Overwatch, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, or Fortnite. That being said, being able to call out plays is critical in any team-based game.


Simply put... the right gaming headset can help you become a better gamer and get an edge over the competition. If you want to get better communication, block out the noise, effectively communicate with your team, and be a better housemate, then you should pick yourself up a pair of headphones and get yourself Esports ready.


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